A. We Sing...

1. Praise the Lord.

2. Hallelujah, Praise Jehovah.

3. Other songs of praise to God.

B. Why?

1. Why should we praise?

2. Why does He deserve to be praised?

C. Let's See Why David Thought He Should Be Praised.

Body: Psalm 34: 1 - 22

I. On Our Lips.

A. We must bless him at all times.

B. We must praise continually.

C. Boast in the Lord.

D. Magnify the Lord.

E. Exalt (lift up) His name.

II. The Lord's Actions.

A. He hears and delivers from fear.

B. He puts a glow on our face.

C. He never humiliates us.

D. He is all around us.

III. Our Response.

A. Trust in Him.

1. Blessing comes as a result of trusting Him.
2. He guards and protects us from destruction.

B. Fear Him.

1. There is no want for those who fear (v. 9).
2. Characteristics of those who fear: (vs 13, 14)
a. Keep their tongue from evil; lips from deceit.
b. Do good.
c. Seek peace and pursue it.

C. Seek Him.

1. There is no lack for good things.
2. Salvation and redemption come from the Lord.


A. Why Should We Praise God?

1. Because He is a kind, loving, and good God.

2. He watched, protects and blesses us.

B. Do You Praise God Daily? Continually?