A. Today is a day set aside to honor Fathers.

1. Fathers are very important.

2. Fatherhood is extremely difficult and full of responsibilities.

B. God is described as our Father.

1. Therefore, to understand what it means to be a good father, we must look to His example.

2. Difficult task because He is perfect.


I. God is love [1 John 4: 16].

A. Not just something He does.

B. It is one of His qualities.

C. His love shows plainly (i.e. crucifixion).

II. God is light [1 John 1: 5].

A. Symbolic of understanding and good.

B. He oversees His children knowing exactly what they need.

C. He does what is right and good.

III. God is a consuming fire [Hebrews 12: 29].

A. He is a protector.

B. He is an unstoppable force.

C. He is worthy of respect.

IV. God is faithful [1 Corinthians 10: 13].

A. He is always there.

B. He is always preparing help.

C. He is always looking to what is beyond.

V. God is spirit [John 4: 24].

A. Our Father lives in a different realm.

B. Takes care of physical, but more concerned about eternal.


A. The Model Father.

1. He is loving.
2. He is understanding and good.
3. He is worthy of respect.
4. He can be counted on.
5. He looks to the eternal.

B. Are we striving to be like Him?

C. These are qualities all can aim for.