A. Some Things Cause Immediate Responses.

1. See something gross or sickening.

2. Have a gun pointed in your face.

B. Some Things Get Little Reaction.

1. Command given in a foreign language.

2. Piece of trash laying on the ground.

C. What Kind Of Responses Are There To God?


I. Fearfulness (Exodus 19: 16 - 20; 20: 18, 19)

A. God was to come before the people.

B. The Earth rightfully responded to God's coming.

C. The Israelites did not want to have God speak to them.

D. They did not draw near to God.

II. Contempt (Matthew 21: 33 - 41)

A. God "planted this vineyard" called Earth.

B. Man ("the renters") has assumed control.

C. God has sent many.

D. Mankind is unwilling to believe God is, or the He will do anything.

III. Proper Respect

A. Revelation 4: 1 - 5

1. John is before the Throne of God.
2. He is confident, but reverent.

B. Isaiah 6: 1 - 5

1. Isaiah is before the Throne of God.
2. Standing, but aware of unworthiness.


A. How Do You Respond To God?

1. Extreme fear keeping you separated from God?

2. Contempt which leads you to ignore Him?

3. With respect realizing your rightful place?

B. How Close Are You To God?