A. Tradition To Make Resolutions.

1. Goals, Improvements to make for the New Year.

2. Normally broken by end of first week.

3. If you have made, I ask that you break them.

B. Make A Commitment To God.


I. Budget News.

A. Have had to cut drastically.

1. The men desire to be realistic.
2. Have had to discontinue helping several that we were helping.

B. Faith has been included in budget process.

1. Will periodically review contribution vs. budget.
2. Any surplus will be given as one time donation to those not budgeted.

II. Church Growth.

A. Corporate Growth -  "The First Century Church."  Acts 2: 42 - 47

1. Apostles’ doctrine = study God’s Word.
2. Fellowship = assembling with God’s people.
3. Breaking of Bread = Lord’s Supper and eating together.
4. Prayer and Praise = an essential for growth.
5. Sharing = giving and serving are fundamental to being a Christian.

B. Individual Growth.

1. "A Call To Commitment."
2. Suggested Daily Bible Reading - Bulletin.
3.    Prayer
a.    Impossible to make friend without communicating.
b.    If we want close, intimate relationship with God, we must talk to Him!

III. Little, But Not Powerless (Revelation 3: 13).

A. An Open Door.

1. No one can take our salvation/inheritance away.
2. Perseverance produces entrance.
3. Trials bring opportunities for "witnessing."
(cf. stories of Noah, Job, Abraham, David)

B. Jesus Will Reward.

1. Punishment for the evil.
2. Acceptance for those who endure.


A. Are You Resolved To "No Longer Linger?"

B. Where Is Your Commitment?