A. Why Does The Church Exist?

B. What Is The Purpose Of The Church.

1. To save the lost.

2. To be light in the world.

3. To heal the wounded.

4. To...

C. Is The Church Heaven On Earth?

Body: Revelation 21: 1 - 22: 5

I. The Church - A Beautiful Bride (vs. 1 - 21).

A. God's presence is among (vs. 3, 4).

B. Having the glory of God (v. 11).

C. Perfect (vs. 12 - 21).

1. Perfectly protected.
2. Perfectly shaped and constructed.
3. Perfectly beautiful.

II. The Church - In Complete Communion (vs. 22 - 27).

A. God and Jesus dwell there (v. 22).

B. Illuminated by God's truth (vs. 23, 24).

C. Entrance for the saved (vs. 25, 26).

D. No entrance for sinful (v. 27).

III. The Church - With Lasting Life (vs. 1 - 5).

A. Water of life = no more thirst for righteousness.

B. Tree of life = no more hunger for righteousness.

C. Servants of God for life = marked with His mark.

D. Ruling for life = having endured to the end.


A. Do We Fit This Picture?

1. Are we adorned with the beauty that comes only from God?

2. Are we walking in His light?

3. Are we a "city set on a hill unhidden?"

4. Are the people coming here to be filled and healed?

5. Are we serving God?

B. Is This Heaven On Earth?