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A.      What Does The Church Mean To You?

B.      Many Have Negative Thoughts.

C.      What Image Does The Bible Present?

Body:  Ephesians 5: 25 - 32

I.       The Church Belongs To Christ.

Have you ever asked someone, "What kind of car is that?" What if you heard the response, "What do you mean what kind of car? It's just a car!"
Think about it.  When the car was first invented, there were no different "kinds" of cars in existence. There was simply - a car.
The same is true with the church. Today, in the world's view, there are many different kinds of churches. But let us remember that in the beginning, Jesus died for THE church, not many different kinds of churches. The church is His one church.

A. He built the church.

1.       Hebrews 11: 10
2.       Matthew 16: 18

B. His blood purchased the church (Acts 20: 28).

C. They cannot be separated.

1.       Ephesians 3: 10 - 11
a.       God's wisdom is shown through the church.
b.       The church is according to God's eternal purpose.
2.       Colossians 1: 13
a.       The church is the kingdom.
b.       Christ is the king.
3.       Colossians 1: 18
a.       The church is the body.
b.       Christ is the head.
4.       Romans 7: 4
a.       The church is a bride.
b.       Christ is her husband.

II.      What Is The Church?

A. The place of the saved (Acts 2: 47).

B. A place of sharing (Acts 4: 34, 35).

C. It is the pillar and ground of truth

1.       1 Timothy 3: 15.
2.       Colossians 4: 16.

D. A place of exhortation and edification.

1.       Hebrews 10: 25.
2.       1 Corinthians 14: 26.

III.    We Dishonor The Church If...

A. We are divided.

1.       1 Corinthians 1: 10.
2.       Romans 16: 17.

B. We strive about words (2 Timothy 2: 14).

C. We fall away.

1.       Hebrews 6: 4 - 6.
2.       Hebrews 10: 25, 26.

D. We treat our salvation with contempt (Hebrews 10: 29).

E.  We do not abide in the doctrine of Christ (2 John 1: 9).


A.      What Is Your Image Of The Church?

1.  Is it a negative image? One which depicts the imperfections, the diseases, and the handicaps of imperfect people.

2.  Is it a glorious image? One which depicts the Kingdom of Christ as His own body, His beautiful bride, which He paid to purchase from slavery to sin by His own blood?

B.      Our Image Of The Church Will Affect How We Treat The Church.

1.  A negative image will cause us to treat the church with contempt, selfishness, and sinfully.

2.  A positive image will cause us to treat the church with carefulness, unselfishness, and like a treasure.

C.        Are You A Member Of The Church? In Good Standing?