A. The Seriousness Of Backsliding.

1. The backslider returns to slavery.

2. Their latter end is worse.

3. They try to pull others with them.

B. Peter Was Familiar With Sliding Backward.

Body: Mark 14: 27 - 31

I. The Slippery Slope.

A. It begins with pride (Mark 14: 27 - 31).

1. Peter used that word…….NEVER!
2. We rely upon our own strength and ability.

B. It makes use of laziness (Mark 14: 37 - 42).

1. Peter could not stay awake and pray.
2. We do not pray for God’s help prior.
3. We do not watch and are unprepared for what happens.

C. It exploits fearfulness (Mark 14: 50, 54).

1. Peter fled and followed at a distance.
2. People who stray will often "become unavailable."

D. It draws back toward worldliness (Mark 14: 54).

1. Peter "hangs with" the servants of the enemy.
2. We return to that which makes us comfortable and fit in.

E. It finishes with denial (Mark 14: 66 - 71).

1. Peter aggressively denies Christ.
2. We fail to confess Christ and/or refuse to admit belief.

II. Overcoming The Slip.

A. Overcome pride with humility (1 Peter 5: 5, 6).

B. Overcome laziness with steadfastness (1 Peter 5: 8, 9).

C. Overcome fearfulness by glorifying God (1 Peter 4: 16).

D. Overcome worldliness by abstaining (1 Peter 2: 11).

E. Overcome denial by defending Christ (1 Peter 3: 15).


A. We Can Often See Ourselves In Peter.

1. He had difficulty understanding at times.
2. He had difficulty walking the walk and talking the talk.
3. He stuck with it, though.

B. Are We Developing Peter’s Good Traits Or Trying To Defend Our Bad Ones?