A. The Choices We Make.

1. What Standard Do We Use?

2. Are We Ready To Live With The Consequences?

B. A Choice Made By Lot

Body: Genesis 13: 8 - 13

I. Chose The Pleasing.

A. The time had come to go separate ways.

B. By right, Abraham should have chosen.

C. Lot chose the land good for "business."

D. Did not look at the neighborhood.

II. In The Midst Of Sin [Genesis 14:1 - 16].

A. Moved "into" the cities of the plain.

B. Pitched his tent as far as Sodom.

1. Deep into the area of depravity.
2. Close to the middle, or the most depraved?

C. Is taken in battle as one of them (guilt by association).

D. Abraham rescues him from captivity.

III. Maximum Sinfulness (Genesis 19:1 - 25).

A. The cities become totally depraved.

1. Got worse, not better.
2. Lot attempted to make a difference (Genesis 19: 9).
3. Time for God's judgment.

B. Abraham intercedes for the righteous.

C. God rescues the righteous.

IV. Lot's Losses (Genesis 19: 26 - 38).

A. He lost his home and all his possessions.

B. He lost his wife - looks back (forever).

C. He lost his daughters.

1. Those who were married and stayed (19: 14)?
2. Two daughters pregnant by incest.

D. His peace of mind (2 Peter 2: 7, 8).


A. We Must Be Careful Of The Choices We Make.

1. They will affect our life.

2. They will affect the lives of those we love.

B. We Must Be Ready To Live With The Results.

C. We Must Endeavor To Make Godly Choices.