A. The History Of Fatherís Day.

B. Sound Doctrine.

1. Is to be taught.

2. Some things are proper and some things are not.

Body: Titus 2: 1 - 8

I. Ministry of Older Men (v. 2).

A. Reputable Character.

1. Sober = thoughtful, vigilant, able to function unimpaired.
2. Reverent, grave = honorable, honest.
3. Temperate = self-controlled in opinion and passion.

B. Healthy Spiritually.

1. Sound in faith = grounded, firm, sure of your beliefs.
2. Sound in love = be benevolent, affectionate, caring.
3. Sound in patience = cheerful, hopeful endurance, patient continuance (waiting).

II. Ministry of Younger Men (vs. 6 - 8).

A. Good Examples.

1. Sober minded = sane, sound mind, in your right mind.
2. Accomplish good works

B. True Christian Living.

1. A doctrine of uncorrupted integrity.
2. A doctrine of grave reverence and honesty.
3. A doctrine which is sincere, truthful, genuine.

III. Lead By Doing.

A. "Do as I do and say."

B. Show profitably of Christian living.

C. Encourage through being.


A. It Takes More Than Blood.

B. Fathering Is A Ministry

1. A ministry of leading by example.

2. A ministry of showing the way.

3. A ministry of "bringing up" children of God.