A. Motherís Day.

1. It may be a difficult time.

a. Your mother may have passed away.
b. You may have bad memories of your mother.
c. You may have longed to be a mother and were unable.
d. Your children may not contact you.

2. It is also an important time.

B. Being A Mother Is A Ministry Of Love.

Illustration - Real Mothers

Body: Titus 2: 1 - 5

I. Ministering To Others.

A. An example of godliness.

1. Holy actions.
2. Not like Satan - falsely accusing, slandering.
3. Not out of control.
a. Of their actions.
b. Of their thoughts.

B. Passing the torch.

1. Teaching good things - those things which are right.
2. Admonishing (discipline or correct) younger women.

II. Ministering To Family.

A. Loving.

1. The husband (affection, fondness for).
2. The children (affection, fondness for).

B. Doing good things.

1. Be self-controlled.
2. Be beneficial.
3. Bring honor and glory to God and His Word.


A. Illustration - Research Associate.

B. Thank You Mothers For All You Do!