A. One of Greatest Temptations.

1. Wanting to be in charge.

2. Desire to be more important.

B. Goes Back to the First.

1. Disciples had worldly ideas to unlearn.

2. One was the worldly concept of the kingdom.

Body: Mark 9: 33 - 50

I. Who Is Greatest?

A. Question causes argument.

B. The way to become great? Become a servant.

C. A simple act of hospitality.

II. What About Others?

A. One who does not accompany.

B. Is he for or against?

C. Do not forbid him.

D. A simple act of hospitality.

III. Worry About Self.

A. Do not cause anyone to stumble.

B. Be prepared to be radical - toward yourself!

C. Better to be handicapped.

IV. The Fate of All.

A. Everyone undergoes hardship.

B. What we sacrifice will be affected by us.

C. Cannot season seasoning.

D. Don’t argue!


A. Satan’s Greatest Weapon?

1. Desire to be at the top.

2. Desire to be in charge.

3. Wanting to be first.

B. Christ’s Plan.

1. To be important - serve!

2. To be first - put yourself at the bottom.

3. To be the greatest - be the least.