A. The Pathway of Life.

1. We are often trying to make things easier.

2. Not promised easy, promised good.

3. Some good things come as the result of much effort.

B. Christian Perspective.

1. Some things will be easy.

2. Some things will be very difficult.

3. All result in good.

Body: Mark 9: 14 - 29

I. Return from "Paradise."

A. Just talked with two great leaders.

B. Has been verbally confirmed by God.

C. No time to "bask."

II. An Accusative Crowd.

A. Nine Disciples are under fire.

B. Jesus appears and "stuns" crowd.

C. He questions them.

III. An Extreme Condition.

A. This demon is vicious.

B. A terrible life from early on.

C. Jesus heals and strengthens.

IV. Question of Willingness or Belief?

A. How long would Jesus be with them?

B. If you can...have compassion...help.

C. If you believe all things are possible.

D. Believe in unbelief.

V. Why Unable to Heal?

A. Because of unbelief (Matthew 17: 20).

B. Requires prayer and fasting.

C. Deaf and Dumb spirit.


A. What Do We Expect?

1. Immediate response.

2. Huge numbers.

B. What Should We Expect?

1. To Work Hard for God.

2. For Him to worry about the harvesting.