A. What Does It Mean to Be Blind?

1. Unable to see.

2. Handicapped.

3. More difficulty.

B. How is it Different Spiritually?

1. Can be overcome.

2. Not permanent eternally.

Body: Mark 8: 22 - 38

I. A Blind Man Healed.

A. People beg Jesus again. (Not wanting to "show off?")

B. Takes the man out of the city.

C. Heals him in two stages.

II. A Partially Seeing Peter.

A. Others confused about Jesus.

B. Peter’s confession.

III. A Still Blind Peter.

A. Jesus teaches about His suffering.

B. Peter rebukes Him.

C. Jesus scathingly rebukes Peter.

IV. The Plight of Followers.

A. Do you want to follow Jesus?

B. Empty yourself [Philippians 2: 7].

C. Take up your means of death and humiliation.

D. The true reality.

1. To have life, lose it.
2. Lose the world, gain your soul.

E. Will Christ be ashamed of you?


A. What it means to be blind?

1. Unable to see at all.

2. Unable to see partly.

B. What blindness leads to?

1. Injury.

2. Death.

3. Life of difficulty.

4. Glory to God.

C. How is your spiritual eyesight?