A. We Want To Be Better Than Bible Characters.

1. Compare our strengths with their weaknesses.

2. Overlook our weaknesses and magnify theirs.

B. The Truth.

1. We do not see that we act like them.

2. We are exactly like them.

Body: Mark 8: 1 - 21

I. Feeding of Four Thousand.

A. A very great multitude.

B. Followed Jesus for 3 days.

C. He has compassion on their physical condition.

D. Disciples do not know where to get food.

E. Jesus once again feeds.

II. Sign Seekers.

A. Pharisees argue with Jesus.

B. Want to see a sign that is proof.

1. Raising dead?
2. Feeding many with little food?
3. Healing sick, maimed, handicapped?

C. Impossible to give a sign.

III. Slow To Understand.

A. Forgot to take bread (7 baskets full?)

B. Beware of the leaven.

1. Puffed up.
2. Filled with air.

C. Still stuck looking at the physical.

1. Overly concerned with eating.
2. Overly concerned with clothing.
3. Starving and naked spiritually.


A. How We Are Like Them.

1. We forget how God has taken care of us.

2. We are constantly looking for proof.

3. We are stuck in the physical and neglecting the spiritual.

B. What Will It Take To Change?

1. Repenting of our blindness.

2. Increased feeding of our spirit.

3. Prayer.