A. A Contrast Between Jewish Leaders & Gentile people.

B. Jesus travels distance.

Body: Mark 7: 24 - 30

I. Region of Tyre and Sidon.

A. Approximately 35 miles from Capernaum (Matthew 4: 13).

B. Situated on Mediterranean Coast.

C. Approximately 25 miles apart.

II. The Need for Anonymity.

A. He enters a house.

B. Wanted no one to know that He was there.

C. He was unable "to hide." (i.e. If we are Christ-like, can we hide?)

III. A Great Example of Faith.

A. A mixed breed woman.

1. Half Syrian and Half Phoenician.
2. Possibly a Greek background in religion.
3. She falls down at his feet.
a. Means of humbling herself.
b. Symbolic of a worshipful demeanor.
c. Example of the importance of the request.

B. A daughter with unclean spirit.

1. Matthew states very seriously demon possessed.
2. Would make the girl impure.
3. She was young, also.

C. Jesus’ treatment of her.

1. He ignored her for awhile (Matthew 15).
2. The disciples wanted to remove her (Matthew 15).
3. Jesus told her He was to go to the Children of Israel first. Not right to give children’s food to a household pet.
4. She believed her request to be only "a crumb!?"
5. He fulfilled her request.
6. Parallel with John 2: 1 - 12 (i.e. Water into wine. Mary’s request.).


A. How do we make our requests?

1. With humility.

2. Believing that it will be accomplished.

3. Persistent in requesting.

B. Do we really believe in Jesus?