A. Jesus commanded us to be like little children.

1. Have you ever watched a little child?

2. Lots of energy, loving, trusting...

B. We often look at the faults of the disciples, but...

1. Jesus chose them specially.

2. They were much like little children.

Body: Mark 6: 7 - 13

I. Sends Them Out Two by Two.

A. He gave them power.

B. He gave them a command.

1. Take no provisions or supplies.

2. Depend upon others.

II. The Acceptance of People.

A. Whatever house they entered, stay there.

1. Most likely only stayed a few days.
2. Would have been rude to turn down hospitality.

B. Where not received.

1. Mean they would not listen to them.
2. Similar to what Jesus endured in Nazareth.
3. Shake the dust off.
a. Would be a testimony against them.
b. Leviticus 20: 22; 18: 25 - 28 = the land vomit.

III. So They Went.

A. They went out "helpless and dependent."

1. They had nothing to survive on.
2. They trusted and obeyed.
3. Jesus tells us to not worry (Matthew 6: 25 - 34).

B. They preached repentance.

C. They performed miracles.

1. Cast out demons.
2. Healed by anointing.


A. Are we willing to be like children?

1. Trusting Jesus to tell us the truth.

2. Willing to be totally helpless.

3. Obeying His commands.

B. The Way will not seem easy or right by worldly standards.