A. What would be your response if I told you the whole congregation was coming to your house for supper tonight?

B. How would you feel if the number was increased to 5,000?

Body: Mark 6: 30 - 44

I. The State of the Disciples.

A. Returned from missionary work.

B. They were tired C physically, emotionally, spiritually.

C. They had endured complete dependence upon others.

D. They need to rest.

II. The Multitude of People.

A. How did the disciples react?

B. How did Jesus react?

1. He was moved with compassion.

2. He saw sheep needing a shepherd.

3. He taught them.

III. The Climax.

A. The disciples remind Him the people need to eat. (Because they were hungry?)

B. Jesus tells them to feed the people.

1. They have just returned from a no provisions journey.
2. 200 days wages would not have been enough to feed that many.
3. How much they had in money bag?

C. Jesus Feeds the People.

IV. Miracles Are No Panacea

A. Feel like we could do more if we could perform miracles!

B. Miracles had same problem  (cf. John 6: 25 - 27)

C. We must get people to see and think about the spiritual instead of the physical.


A. In Looking at These Incidents What do We Discover?

1. How stupid the disciples were?

2. How much like them we are?

3. How we should be as Christ’s followers?

B. What Excuses Do We Use Like They?

1. I’m too tired.

2. I am already doing a lot.

3. I don’t have the same ability Jesus had.

C. Which Excuse Will Jesus Accept?