A. Who is Jesus?

B. What does that mean to you?

1. Can affect your way of thinking.

2. Can affect your way of acting toward Him.

3. Can affect how you live.

Body: Mark 6: 14 - 29

I. The Identity of Jesus.

A. Elijah = Malachi 4: 5; Matthew 11: 14 (John the Baptist)

B. The Prophet = Deuteronomy 18: 15

C. A Resurrected John the Baptist. (much like the story of Macbeth)

II. An Ironic Relationship.

A. Herod had John arrested because of Herodias.

B. John had proclaimed their adultery.

C. Herod’s feelings.

1. He feared John.
2. He knew John was a just and holy man.
3. He protected him.

III. The Way of the Evil.

A. Herodias did not accept his message.

B. Similar relationship between Jesus and religious leaders.

C. She kept looking for opportunity.

IV. Another Foolish Vow.

A. Jephthah’s vow (Judges 11: 30, 31).

B. A promise made to a pawn.

C. The fateful request.


A. How do we receive the message from Jesus?

1. Trust and obey no matter what.

2. Follow when it makes sense.

3. Something good to listen to, but not very practical.

4. Bunch of old tales.

B. "He who has ears to hear"...Are you listening?