A. Have you ever been ridiculed by a friend?

1. Maybe you said something ridiculous.

2. Maybe they were jealous.

B. It helps to know Jesus suffered the same as us.

Body: Mark 6: 1 - 6

I. Summary of "Past Few Days."

A. He has stilled the storm.

B. He has calmed an untamable demon possessed man.

C. He has brought a 12 year old girl back to life.

D. He has healed a woman of incurable bleeding.

II. He Arrives "Home."

A. They begin to ask questions.

1. How is He able to do this?
2. How did He get so smart?
3. Don’t we know Him and His family?

B. They Were "Offended."

1. Greek Word Meanings
2. Why offended?
a. Had not "performed" for them?
b. Jealous that He could and they could not?

C. Not from the right "heritage?"

D. Could Not Perform Many "Mighty Works."

1. Their lack of acceptance affected Jesus’ work.
2. Many of His miracles were a response to the faith of the receiver.
3. People were not brought to Him.

III. A Suffering Savior.

A. Misunderstood.

B. Ridiculed.

C. Rejected.


A. Jesus understands what you are going through.

B. Jesus knows the answer to your problems.

C. Jesus wants to help you.