A. You can tell a lot about a person by how the act toward someone.

B. Tonight, we are going to look at how different people reacted toward Jesus.

Body: Mark 5: 21 - 43

I. Jairus.

A. He was a leader of the Jewish people.

B. He was a ruler of the synagogue.

C. Humbled himself before Jesus (fell at His feet, begged Him).

D. Believed that Jesus could take care of problem.

II. A Certain Woman.

A. Downtrodden for many years. (Would have been unclean.)

B. Afflicted with a continual, physical ailment.

C. Just reach out to Jesus and be healed.

III. The Disciples.

A. Always with Jesus.

B. Not always understanding what He meant.

IV. The Multitudes.

A. Thronging about Jesus.

B. Wanting to see the action.

V. The Wailers.

A. Caught up in this life. (Possibly hired to weep.)

B. Overly emotional and loud.

C. Ridicule Jesus and what He says.


A. How do you approach Jesus?

1. Willing to be seen in spite of reputation or standing with friends.

2. Knowing that Jesus is the answer to all problems.

3. A learner, not always understanding, but still following.

4. Wanting to be entertained and kept excited.

5. Decided that what Jesus taught is out of touch with reality.

B. Does it really matter to you?

1. Is it important enough to take the time to consider?

2. Are you will to spend some time "taking inventory?"