A. Have you ever been in a cemetery by yourself?

B. Have you ever been a cemetery at night?

C. Would you be afraid if a crazy man ran up to you in a cemetery?

Body: Mark 5: 1 - 20

I. A Scary Night.

A. They finally come to land.

1. They had begun the journey at evening time (v. 35).
2. They have endured a ferocious storm (v. 37).
3. They have found out about Jesus’ power (v. 41).

B. They land in a cemetery.

1. It is night and they are already scared.
2. A crazy man runs toward them. (Matthew 8: 28 two!)
3. Unstoppable and allowing no one to pass.

C. They worship Jesus!?

1. They bow down before Him.
2. They beg Him for mercy.

D. A Case of Deviled Ham.

1. The demons go into herd of swine.
2. The run into the sea. (pigs of the sea?)

II. Jesus Rejected.

A. Pig keepers run and tell everyone.

B. Everyone sees the demon man "in his right mind."

C. They hear of what happened again.

D. They beg Jesus to leave.

III. The Next Time Different.

A. The man wants to go with Jesus.

B. Jesus tells him to stay.

C. Jesus tells him to tell "what the Lord has done and His compassion."

D. Jesus is greeted differently the next time (5: 21).


A. Even the demons recognize Who and What Jesus is.

B. Coming to Jesus will get us in our right mind.

C. Telling what Jesus and God has done for us will draw people to Christ.

D. What has Jesus Done for you?