A. If I told you...

1. You would bring ten people to Christ this year.

2. We will baptize 100 people by the end of the year.

3. We would have to build a new building by the end of the year. Would you believe?

B. When was the last time you dreamed such dreams?

C. Why don’t we think positive like this?

Body: Mark 4: 21 - 32

I. We are to be seen.

A. We are like a lamp.

B. It’s purpose is to guide and illuminate.

C. We are meant to be at the forefront (leaders).

II. We are to listen.

A. Be careful what you hear.

B. Whatever you give priority to will be what you listen to most.

C. Don’t listen and you won’t have.

III. Like growing seed.

A. Seed grows on its own. (We cannot make it grow!)

B. Seed will not grow if it is not sown.

C. Must also know when to harvest.

IV. Like a mustard seed.

A. When sown, it is very small.

B. When mature, it is very large.


A. Why can’t we trust God to keep His promise?

1. The truth will prevail.

2. The longer we linger the less likely we will change.

3. The seed will produce a crop.

4. The seed will produce an abundant growth.

B. It is up to us to plant. The seed will work the miracle.

C. Why do we not plant?

1. Afraid of...

2. To timid to...

3. No time for God!?