A. Admire farmers.

1. Hard work.

2. Endless work.

3. Dependent upon so many things.

B. We are spoiled.

Body: Mark 4: 1 - 20

I. Sower Goes Out To Plant.

A. Had to prepare ahead of time.

B. Had to wait until right time.

C. Had to work hard to prepare for work.

II. Different Times

A. We have large fields with large machines to work.

B. Many times, they used a stick, heavy hoe, or oxen.

III. Four Soils

A. Hard and much traveled.

B. Very shallow.

C. Full of other things.

D. Receptive and prepared.

IV. Christian Farmers.

A. Must take the time to till the soil.

B. May have to dig out the rocks (tradition, religion, family).

C. Must get them too what is most valuable.

D. Must not neglect those who are ready.

E. Must realize some will be lost.


A. There is work to be done.

1. People must be prepared.

2. Seed must be sown.

B. Are you willing to accept the job?