A. Many public speakers have visions of being great.

B. Even preachers have "dreams."

1. See preachers of large congregations.

2. Think "I can do as good" (or better).

C. Jewish leaders probably jealous of the crowds.

Body: Mark 3: 7 - 30

I. Great crowds of people.

A. Jesus leaves town because of numbers.

B. Some came 30, 60, 80 miles!!

C. Many to be healed of their troubles.

II. The Unclean Spirits

A. Fell down before Him.

B. Declared His Sonship.

C. Did what He commanded them.

D. Still did not save them!

E. Did not want to be known (would not have gone to the cross).

III. Who is this Man?

A. He is crazy!

B. He is under the power of Satan.

C. Mark 3: 6c they have decided to destroy him.

IV. The foolish wise men!

A. Satan is defeating himself?!

B. The strongman must be tied up before you can plunder.

C. Jesus had tied up Satan and was plundering his house.

D. Slander, evil speaking, reviling, reproach.


A. Why do we come to Jesus?

1. To hear the truth.

2. To have our problems solved.

3. To worship.

4. To see a show.

B. Are we walking the walk as well as talking the talk?

C. Are we careful about what we speak evil of?