A. Jesus and Jewish Leaders differed in approach.

B. Very obvious in tonight’s passage.

Body: Mark 2: 13 - 3:6

I. Supper with Sinners (vs. 13 - 17).

A. Matthew follows.

B. Supper at his house.

C. With people who needed Him.

D. Are there any who are righteous?

II. Question about Fasting (vs. 18 - 22).

A. Why disciples not fast?

B. Why did they fast?

C. Not sorrowful at party!

D. Do not mix up pliable heart with rigid.

III. Eating on the Sabbath (vs. 23 - 28).

A. Eating unlawful.

B. Mercy more important than justice.

C. Man came first.

D. Worshiping God more important than following rules of worship.

IV. A Withered Hand (vs. 1 - 6).

A. Watch Jesus closely.

B. Do good, save life.

C. Do evil, kill.

D. Jesus did good C Pharisees did evil.


A. Jesus’ Approach.

1. Associate with those who needed and desired Him.

2. Follow God, not traditions.

3. Man more important than the plan.

4. Doing good more important than being right.

B. Would we be in favor with Pharisees or Jesus?