A. Most difficult passages are the well-known.

B. See Jesus in action.

C. See Jesus’ effects upon others.

Body: Mark 2: 1 - 12

I. Jesus teaches.

A. Enters someone’s house. (Peter’s?) Capernaum was home [Matt. 4: 13].

B. A "crushing" room only crowd.

C. They have come to hear.

II. Faith in action.

A. No way to get to Jesus.

B. They found a way.

C. Did they repair roof? Was this Peter’s?

D. Took a lot of effort and thought.

III. Jesus fills needs.

A. What did Jesus see as they lowered the mat?

B. What does Jesus heal?

C. Authority important in Gospel of Mark.

D. Miracles were proof of His origin.

IV. The Results.

A. In full view of everyone.

B. What did the people do? Praised God!!


A. What do people want to hear?

B. Will we let obstacles deter us?

1. If you see something that needs to be done...

2. Madison C of C (From the book "Balance"}.

a. Amazing Grace Program.
b. Retirement community.

C. What needs are we seeking to fill?

D. Who gets the praise?