A. We Are The Bearers Of Good News.

1. We have heard the good news.

2. We preach the good news to the world.

B. What Does The Gospel Include?

Body: Mark 1: 9 - 15

I. A Gospel Of Obedience.

A. Jesus was baptized.

1. Why was Jesus baptized?
2. Could He have said, "I donít need to be baptized?"

B. Jesus received the Spirit.

C. Jesus pleased God.

II. A Gospel Of Perseverance.

A. Satan tempts everyone.

1. He tempted God Incarnate (God in the flesh)!
2. He is no respecter of potential victims.

B. Satan comes at all times.

1. He comes in time of strength.
a. He tempted Jesus all forty days.
b. Jesus was strong from baptism at first.
2. He comes in time of weakness.
a. Jesus was weakened from isolation and fasting.
b. Satan tried to deceive and falsely motivate Jesus.

III. A Gospel of Urgency.

A. The time has come.

B. Time is so short (James 4: 14).

C. Turn to God (Acts 26: 20).

D. Believe in the Gospel.

1. In itís power to save.
2. In itís truthfulness.
3. In itís ability to make life better.


A. The Gospel Of Jesus.

1. It is a gospel which requires obedience.

2. It is a gospel which involves perseverance.

3. It is an urgent gospel?

B. Have You Been Converted?