A.    Being a Christian means trying to be like Christ

1.    This is our goal.

2.    We strive for this type of perfection.

B.    He has set a very high standard!

Body: Mark 1: 29 - 45

I. Tirelessly Meeting Other’s Needs.

A. Goes to the Synagogue.

B. Goes to Peter’s house.

C. After sunset, heals many.

D. Up before dawn the next morning.

II. Priorities Important.

A. Up early to pray.

B. Goes to a solitary place.

C. Important to accomplish purpose.

III. Loving the Unloved.

A. Lepers were the dregs of society.

B. To touch meant uncleanness

C. Jesus willing to touch.

D. Jesus shows compassion.


A. What does it mean to live like Jesus?

1. Working long hours reaching out to others.

2. Prayer and Teaching many important.

3. Compassion upon the outcast.

B. What does it mean to be like Jesus?

1. It is not easy.

2. It is not glamorous.