A. The Excitement Of Fishing.

1. Hooking a fighter.

2. Calming effect.

B. Every Christian Should Be Fishing.

Body: Mark 1: 16 - 28

I. Four Fisherman Caught.

A. Probably not the first time to follow Jesus. (John 1: 35 - 42).

B. Redirected abilities.

1. Learned many techniques for finding fish.
2. Knew how to catch many fish at once.

C. Left successful careers.

II. One Having Authority.

A. Teaching different C did not quote "the fathers."

B. Obvious effects.

C. Difference caught their attention.

III. Confessing Jesus.

A. Unclean spirits obeyed Him.

B. They freely confessed His True Nature.

IV. What About Us?

A. Are We Hooked On Jesus?

1. Hooked on Phonics.
2. A way to better oneself.
3. A way to make it in life.

B. By Whose Authority?

1. Are we following in Jesus footsteps?
2. Are we known for knowing the Bible?

C. Are we freely confessing Jesus as Lord?


A. What is our priority in life?

1. Serve Jesus - fit life in?

2. Serve self - fit Jesus in?

B. What do our actions say?