A. Offer of a job.

B. Draw attention to someone else.

C. Responsible for announcing their arrival.

Body: Mark 1: 1 - 15

I. What is the Gospel of Jesus?

A. It was of the Kingdom of God.

B. It proclaimed that the time was fulfilled.

C. It called for repentance and belief.

II. John sent as a messenger.

A. Was to prepare the way for Christ.

B. Began by "crying in the wilderness."

C. Baptized people for remission of sins.

III. In strength comes temptation.

A. Jesus baptized to fulfill (Matt. 3: 15).

B. The Spirit descends.

C. God’s favor proclaimed.

D. Sent for preparation (Hebrews 5: 8).


A. How do we view ourselves in God's Service?

1. A great proclaimer.

2. A great follower.

3. A lowly grunt.

B. Who are we trying to draw attention to?

1. Christianity?

2. The Church?

3. Jesus?

C. Are we ready for what God wants?