A. The Darkest of Times?

1. When violence fills the earth in Genesis 6?

2. When the light of the world had been buried!

B. God’s Greatest Achievement?

1. The creation?

2. The re-creation.

Body: Mark 16: 1 - 8

I. After Day of Rest.

A. Very early in the morning.

1. Just as the sun is rising.
2. Already have bought the spices.
3. First day of the week.

B. Stepped out in faith.

1. Their purpose was to anoint Jesus.
2. Did not know how they were going to get to Jesus (Reminiscent of Zacchaeus).

II. Cannot Beat God.

A. An Angel of the Lord (Matthew 28: 2).

1. Was strong - able to roll the heavy stone.
2. Unreal appearance - appeared like lightning, clothing like snow.
3. Terrifying - scared women, froze the Roman soldiers.

B. Remains at the Tomb.

1. An angel or two speaks to the women.
2. Who folded the linen clothes?
3. Where did Jesus get clothes from?

III. The Greatest Work Ever Accomplished.

A. He is not here.

1. They were looking in the wrong place for Jesus.
2. They had to be reminded were to find Him.

B. He is risen.

1. He is no longer entrapped by Satan.
2. God’s Greatest Work (Ephesians 1: 19 – 23).


A. Who Is Your God?

l. Is He a convenient God = Here when you want or need?

2. Is He the mighty God of the Bible who performs marvelous works.

B. Who Are You Following?