A. The Last Hours

1. Full of conflict with the powers of sin.

2. Full of pain and anguish.

3. The reason for Christ coming.

B. Now He Must be Buried

Body: Mark 15: 42 - 47

I. Now Evening.

A. The day is coming to a close.

B. It is Friday.

C. This is the time to prepare for the Sabbath.

D. Deuteronomy 21: 22, 23 = no hanged person was to remain hanged overnight.

II. A Man Named Joseph.

A. Went in to Pilate.

1. A good and just man = Luke 23: 50.
2. He had not consented to Jesus’ crucifixion.
3. A prominent council member, but also a secret disciple (John 19: 38).
4. Willing to defile Himself by "coming into contact" with a Gentile (unclean place).

B. Dead Already.

l. Unusual for someone to die so quickly.
2. Pilate makes sure.
3. Allows Joseph to remove Jesus.

C. A Hasty Burial.

1. Removes Jesus’ body.
a. Use of a ladder?
b. Weight would have been exaggerated.
2. Wraps body with strips of linen (John 19: 40) and 100 pounds of myrrh and aloes John 19: 39).
3. A nearby tomb (John 19: 41) which Joseph owned (Matthew 27: 60) [Purchased for this reason? v. 43]
4. Now unclean for 7 days (Leviticus 19: 11 – 16).
5. To be done properly afterwards -.when decay has started?


A. Jesus humbled Himself - - - even to the point of death!

B. What are we willing to do for Jesus?