A. 1 Corinthians 2: 1 – 3

1. Paul knew Jesus.

2. Paul knew the significance of His death.

B. The crucifixion of Jesus.

Body: Mark 15: 16 - 41

I. Jesus is Mocked.

A. The soldiers take him inside.

B. They have their fun.

1. Dress Him in clothes of royalty.
2. Crown and salute Him.
3. Hit, spit and beat Him.
4. Feign worship by bowing down.

II. Jesus is Crucified.

A. Take Him to Golgotha.

l. A man is compelled to carry cross (one mile?).
2. Place Him on cross.
3. Gamble for His clothes.

B. On the cross.

l. Accused of being the King (He was found guilty!).
2. Insulted (the people blasphemed, railed on).
a. To speak reproachfully, revile, to speak evil of.
b. Matthew 12: 32 – will be forgiven.
3. Darkness.
a. The darkness had overcome the light John 1: 4).
b. God has forsaken Him.
c. Death with strength - loud voice!

III. What His Death Means.

A. God’s wisdom different.

1. Death must occur for there to be life.
2. Rebels, sinners, revilers are worth dying for.
3. Rejection brings hope for acceptance.

B. The burden of sin is lifted.

C. The chain of captivity is broken.


A. Do we live our life knowing Jesus and Him crucified?

B. Does He satisfy our needs and wants?

C. Does He fill all in all?