A. Without a Friend.

1. Jesus is facing the toughest situation.

2. He faces it alone.

B. Jesus Sympathizes.

1. He knows what it means to be completely alone.

2. He promises we will never be alone.

Body: Mark 15: 1 - 15

I. Taken to Pilate.

A. An illegal gathering?

1. Jesus has only been before the chief priests.
2. The Elders, scribes and Council meet immediately in the morning.

B. The Verdict.

1. Find Him guilty.
2. Tie Him up.
3. Take Him to Pilate.

II. Before Pilate.

A. The King of the Jews.

B. The Silence of Jesus.

l. In spite of false accusations.
2. Unusual to Pilate.

III. A Festival Custom.

A. A Governor’s Pardon.

1. The People’s Choice.
2. Punishment Absolved.

B. An Erratic People?

1. Rumors of His claim to being the King spread?
2. He claimed He was going to destroy the Temple?
3. He calls Himself God?
4. He has blasphemed God?

C. Crying out for death.

l. Occurs during Passover.
2. Time of remembering salvation and God’s mercy.
D. Public calm more important than Justice.


A. What is more important to us than doing what’s right?

1. Saving our neck?

2. Making life easier?

B. Are we really different?