A. Peter in Perspective.

1. We like him because he is "so much like us."

a. Put his foot in his mouth.
b. Quite impulsive.
c. Many "stupid mistakes."

2. What about the other side of Peter.

a. "Who else is there to go to?"
b. "You are the Christ!"

B. Peter’s Darkest Hour.

Body: Mark 14: 66 - 72

I. Events Preceding.

A. Jesus has washed their feet.

B. They have communed with the Passover feast.

C. Jesus has prayed in the garden.

D. Jesus is arrested.

E. Peter continues to stay nearby.

II. In the Courtyard.

A. Why did he go?

1. Curiosity?
2. Could not stay way from Jesus?
3. If he would not have been there, he would not have denied Jesus!

B. Denies Jesus - then moves.

C. The servant girl who knows him.

1. Never know who is watching or when.
2. People remember.

D. He is a Galilean.

1. Dressed and or looked different?
2. Talked differently - did not curse?

III. The Fateful Reminder.

A. The rooster signals the arrival of dawn.

B. Jesus looks at Peter (Luke 22: 61).

C. Peter weeps.


A. How Would We Have Reacted?

1. Suicide - like Judas.

2. Give up.

3. Repent and return - like Peter.

B. Are We Really Like Peter?