A. The Cup of Suffering

1. Jesus has celebrated the Passover Feast.

2. He has prayed fervently to God.

B. It is Time to Drink.

Body: Mark 14: 43 - 65

I. The Arrest.

A. Judas and the soldiers arrive.

1. The kiss of death.
2. The disciples are ready to fight.
3. Leave when not allowed to fight.

B. A Young Man.

1. Mob tries to detain him.
2. He leaves naked.
3. Is this Mark speaking of himself? Possibly!

II. The Trial.

A. Before the Sanhedrin.

1. An assembly is called.
a. At the house of the High Priest.
b. All of the religious leaders present.
2. Peter is still nearby.
a. Apparently, one disciple is known by the High Priest – John? (John 18; 15, 16)
b. Peter is allowed within the house.

B. Testimony is sought.

1. Many different accusations.
2. None can agree.
3. Jesus’ answer is used against Him.

C. All condemned Him to die.

D. Humiliation and Physical Abuse.


A. How Would We React?

1. Told we cannot fight back?

2. We see an innocent person arrested and convicted?

3. We see Him abused and spit upon and mocked?

4. We are accused of being one of them?

B. Where would we be?

1. Somewhere nearby?

2. No where to be found?

C. Do we really think we are better than the disciples?