A. Have you ever experienced extreme anguish?

1. Completely disrupts your normal routine.

2. Commands your complete attention.

3. Controls all of your life.

B. Jesus has experienced it!

Body: Mark 14: 32 - 42

I. They Go To Gethsemane

A. Name means "oil press" - for the Mount of Olives (14:26).

B. A familiar place for meeting (John 18: 1, 2).

C. Large in size - able to go a stone’s throw (Luke 22: 41).

D. Jesus intends to pray.

1. Leaves eight disciples.
2. Separates Peter, James and John to be with Him.

II. Extreme Anguish

A. He is terrified and depressed (heavy of soul).

B. Extreme sadness.

1. To the depths of sorrow.
2. It is killing Him.

C. Asks for their protection.

III. A Righteous Prayer

A. The Cup

1. Generally, associated with pain and suffering to be endured.
2. Also used of God’s blessings.
3. The portion given by God.

B. Whose Will (way)?

1. Jesus was not looking forward to suffering and dying.
2. Knew God was able to do anything.
3. God’s way was the only choice - He was God’s servant.

IV. Naive Sheep.

A. Do not realize what is happening.

B. No answer for inability to watch.

C. Pray to stay out of temptation.


A. Our Shepherd

1. He understands our pain.

2. He understands our having to choose.

3. He showed us the right way.

B. Which way are we going to choose?