A. How would you react?

1. If you were told you would hurt the one dearest to you.

2. If you were told you would deny knowing them.

3. It would be done tonight.

B. Jesus predicts their actions.

Body: Mark 14: 27 - 31

I. "All of you will stumble" (not fall).

A. Greek Word.

1. To entice to sin.
2. To distrust and desert.
3. To displease or annoy.

B. Jesus is the reason [Zechariah 13: 7 - 9].

1. He will be struck by God.
2. God is going to purge and purify His people.
C. This striking is temporary.
1. He will be raised.
2. He will go before them.
3. They do not hear this! (We are the same.)

II. Good Hearted Peter.

A. Not me!

1. He would stand with Jesus -- he thought.
2. He was willing to die for Jesus B not yet though.

B. The Truth from Jesus.

C. All say likewise.

1. Would I betray you? [14: 17 - 19]
2. I will not deny you? [14: 31]

III. We Christians.

A. How close are we to Jesus?

1. Hear and study.
2. Intimate walk.
3. No chance of being caught by Satan? (Ask Peter)

B. How have we prepared ourselves?

1. Are we ready to see Jesus crucified in our sight?
2. Will we stand by Him or run?
3. Are we sure?


A. What is our state as Christians?

B. What armor are we wearing?

C. Are we willing to accept Jesus as He is presented to us?