A. A Night To Remember

1. A most solemn evening.

2. Prediction of betrayal.

3. A memorable feast.

B. He Has Washed Their Feet [John 13].

Body: Mark 14: 22 - 26

I. The Passover

A. Exodus 11, 12

1. About midnight God would strike.
2. The firstborn to die.
3. A lamb (goat or sheep), 1 year old.
4. Blood covering doorway.
5. Eaten roasted, with unleavened bread and bitter herbs.

B. Exodus 13: 1 - 10

II. The Lord's Supper

A. The Bread = "His body"; broken and blessed.

B. The Cup = "His blood"; thanked and shed for many.

III. A New Covenant

A. Sacrifice once for all.

B. Perfect.

C. All peoples called - Individual choice.

D. Old Will has been executed.

IV. A Vow.

A. No more fruit of the vine.

B. He will drink new in the kingdom of God.


A. Opposites

1. Look back to look forward.

2. In death comes life.

3. In uncleanness comes cleanness.

B. Promises.

1. A new covenant.

2. We will partake of the Lord's Supper with Jesus one day.