A. The End is Near.

1. Jesus has come to the time.

2. His suffering and death are close at hand.

B. Preparing for the Passover.

Body: Mark 14: 12 - 21

I. Two Feasts in One.

A. The Passover

1. A time of remembrance.
2. Telling the story of the Exodus.

B. The Feast of Unleavened Bread.

1. Lasted for Seven Days.
2. No leaven even allowed to remain in houses.

II. An Unbelievable Request.

A. Where to prepare?

B. Sends Peter and John (Luke 22: 8).

1. A man servant.
2. Will be carrying a pitcher of water.
3. Ask master of the house for room.

C. A Cultural Difference.

1. Respect for teachers (rabbis).
2. Sharing with those needing.

III. The Prophecy of Betrayal.

A. Jesus knows.

1. He chose Judas.
2. He lets Judas steal from the money.
3. He prompts Judas (John 13: 27).

B. The Irony.

1. Why not choose someone else?
2. Why not get rid of him?
3. Why not treat him extra nice?

IV. Their Reaction.

A. Believe it will be in future?

B. Would I betray You? (What is our response?)

C. A Close Associate.

1. One of the twelve.
2. Been with Him since beginning.
3. Seen miracles, heard teaching.


A. Are we willing to "take the fall" for Jesus?

B. Would we betray Him? Or leave Him?