A. Jesus has endured much.

1. Authority questioned.

2. Loyalty questioned - taxes.

3. Beliefs questioned - resurrection.

4. Knowledge questioned - which is foremost.

B. He has emerged - victorious!

1. Not been tricked.

2. Not been killed.

Body: Mark 13: 1 - 13

I. These Great Buildings.

A. The Temple (an impressive building).

1. Sat on the highest point of the city.
2. Made of white marble trimmed in gold.
3. Approximately, three stories high.
4. Surrounded by palaces, courts, walls, towers and a fort.

B. It will be destroyed.

II. When Will This Be?

A. There will be many deceivers.

B. There will be many troubling events.

1. Wars and nations battling.
2. Natural disasters.

C. Watch yourselves.

1. You will endure ill treatment.
2. You will testify before the rulers.
3. The gospel will be preached to all nations.
4. Family will be turned against one another.
5. You will be hated.

III. What About Us?

A. Our government will last forever? Nope!

B. Look at the big beautiful buildings. Destroyed!

C. Look how bad things are! Watch yourself.

D. Opportunity comes during adversity.


A. How Important is this world to us?

1. Are we laying up treasures here or there?

2. Are we preparing for the future here or there?

3. Are we trying to make life easier here or there?

B. Where is your home?