A. The Hereafter.

1. Many thoughts and ideas.

2. Many misconceptions.

B. Jesus Teaching.

Body: Mark 12: 18 - 27

I. The Levirite Law.

A. Deuteronomy 25: 5 - 10

1. Brothers must live together.
2. If she has no son.
3. Bear up a successor.
4. Humiliation if did not.

B. Numbers 27: 8, 9

1. Instructions concerning inheritance.
2. Would go to brothers if there were no children.

II. In The Resurrection.

A. No marriage.

1. Marriage was first instituted for man to have a helper (Genesis 2: 18).
2. God said it was not good for man to be alone.
3. In Heaven, we will be with God always.

B. Like the angels.

1. Will be immortal.
2. Will be unmarried.

III. About The Resurrection.

A. Proof From Moses Himself.

1. I AM - Exodus 3: 6 = a present occurrence.
2. Did the Sadducees only accept the Books of Law?
a. No evidence from history.
b. Believed themselves to be intellectually superior.
c. The Books of Law were the fundamental books.

B. Their Great Mistakes.

1. Did not know the Scriptures.
2. Did not know the power of God [Ephesians 1: 18 - 21].


A. What Does This Say to Us?

1. Are we caught up in this life?

2. Are we fully open to God’s Word?

3. Are we limiting God?

B. What Are You Looking For In Heaven?