A. Be careful.

1. At times we can see attitudes of the Pharisees in ourselves.

2. We must examine ourselves instead of condemning them.

B. Search the Scriptures.

1. Need to search diligently to see what Bible says.

2. Need to examine our thoughts, attitudes, and actions.

Body: Mark 12: 13 - 17

I. Bright, Young Scholars.

A. They are desperate.

B. Get some young thinkers to twist words and thoughts.

C. Try to flatter - actually speak the truth!

D. Asking a loaded question.

II. The Question.

A. Should we pay taxes?

B. This question is a "hot" one even today.

C. Mark has set us up.

1. Tells us the Parable of the Landowner - God owns it.
2. Follows this with the question about taxes.

D. Romans 13: 1, 2 = do not resist.

E. 1 Peter 2: 13 - 16

III. The Response.

A. Render to Caesar.

1. The government gives us more than we give it credit.
2. Our actions reflect upon God.

B. Render to God.

1. God is due a portion.
2. We must realize where "our things" come from.


A. How Do We Feel About Taxes?

1. If the money belongs to me, why should I give it up!?

2. If the money belongs to God, I should give my portion to the government which God has allowed to rule over me!

B. How Are We Going to Act?

1. Either I will act like a Christian.

2. Or, I will act like the world.