A. A Gut Feeling.

1. Ever felt like someone was talking about you?

2. Ever found out you were being talked about behind your back?

3. How would you like to be talked about to your face and not understand what was said?

B. The Religious Leaders Did Not Understand Jesus!

Body: Mark 12: 1 - 12

I. The Owner.

A. Plants a vineyard.

B. Secures the perimeter by placing a hedge.

C. Digs and builds the vat.

D. Builds a watch tower.

E. Leases it to some people.

II. The Lessees.

A. Tend to the vines.

B. Prepare the wine.

C. Claim it for their own.

D. Protect it from "everyone!"

III. The Outcome.

A. Pride goes before a fall.

B. The Owner will make things right.

C. Are we rejecting or accepting God?

IV. The Messages.

A. God has done the greatest part of the work (created, prepared, planted, set in order, cares for...).

B. We are just stewards of what belongs to God.

C. We do not own anything.

D. God only asks for a portion of what is rightfully His.


A. What Kind of Servants Are We?

1. Grateful and understanding.

2. Hospitable and loving.

3. Proud and claiming what is not ours.

4. Unmerciful and unGod-like.

B. We Need to Examine Ourselves - not that brother or sister.