A. Lessons of Jesus.

1. Sometimes Jesus used stories to get His point across.

2. Other times, He used object lessons.

3. Some were immediately obvious.

4. Others took time.

B. The fig tree, the Jewish religion, and Prayer.

Body: Mark 11: 12 - 26

I. Going back to Jerusalem.

A. Sees a fig tree with leaves.

B. No fruit - symbolizes promise without performance.

C. Condemned by Jesus.

II. To the Temple.

A. He observed the Temple the day before.

B. He drives out the marketplace.

C. House of Prayer vs. a Den of Thieves.

D. Desire to kill.

III. The Fig Tree Revisited.

A. The fig tree is completely dry.

B. Peter remembers.

C. Faith can perform "miracles."

D. This mountain = the Temple mount, the Jewish religion, Jerusalem.

E. Without doubt you will receive.

F. Forgive or God will not listen to your petitions.


A. Lessons for us.

1. Appearance without performance is not acceptable.

2. The prayer given in faith will be answered.

3. Our forgiving affects our prayers.

B. Do we really believe?

1. Are our prayers being answered?

2. Are our prayers being affected negatively?

3. Are we fruitless trees in the vineyard?