A. Emotional Swings

1. Ever had a swing from elation to depression?

2. So did Jesus!

B. Drastic Changes

1. Went from having many disciples to only a few (John 6: 66).

2. Multitudes follow Him and hail His entrance into Jerusalem only to call for His crucifixion in a few days.

Body: Mark 11: 1 - 11

I. A Colt (vs. 1 - 6).

A. A Colt [A young donkey] (Matthew 21: 2, John 12: 14).

B. The fulfillment of prophecy (Zechariah 9: 9)

1. He was to enter on a young donkey.
2. He was riding on the common man’s beast of burden.

C. Had never been sat on C Pure and undefiled.

D. The Lord = the owner, God, the Messiah.

II. The Entrance (vs. 7 - 10).

A. They (the disciples) threw their clothes on it.

B. Many put their clothes on the road.

C. Many cut down leafy branches.

D. "The Town Criers."

1. Praising God.
2. Hailing the Kingdom.

E. Wonder what the Pharisees, etc. thought?

III. The Sequel

A. Goes to the Temple.

B. Scouts around and views dealings. (Does not cleanse Temple as a result of impulsive anger!)

C. He and twelve leave to Bethany

1. About one mile from Jerusalem.
2. Home of Mary, Martha and Lazarus (John 11: 1).
3. Place of His anointing (by Mary - John 12: 3).


A. A Fickle People.

1. One minute for you.

2. The next minute your worst enemy.

B. Where Are You Putting your Faith?