A. What does it mean to be blind?

1. Physically = unable to see for oneself, relying upon others, etc.

2. Spiritually = able to see for oneself, relying upon self, etc.

B. A physically blind man was able to see what the spiritually blind could not see!

Body: Mark 10: 46 - 52

I. Going Towards Jerusalem.

A. Started in Capernaum [9: 33].

B. Travels on the other side of the Jordan [10: 1].

C. Travel through Jericho [v. 46].

D. On the way to Jerusalem.

II. Blind Bartimaeus.

A. He was begging by the road.

B. Heard Jesus was there.

C. Only way he could know of Jesus was by others telling him.

D. "Calls upon the name of the Lord."

E. Recognizes Jesus as His true identity.

III. The Others.

A. Great multitudes had gathered when Jesus got to Judea [10: 1].

B. They tried to keep Bartimaeus away.

C. Tried to quiet his pleas.

IV. The Results.

A. Jesus stops and stands still.

B. Jesus calls for Bartimaeus to come.

C. Bartimaeus is healed.


A. What is important?

1. Jesus was on His way to be crucified.

2. Still had time for the individual.

B. What about us?