A. Blinded From Belief.

1. Disciples had belief concerning Messiah.

2. Disciples had a belief concerning Kingdom.

3. Unable to understand Jesus’ teaching otherwise.

B. Two Examples.

1. Did not understand the nature of Christ’s death.

2. Did not understand the nature of greatness.

Body: Mark 10: 32 - 45

I. Third Prediction.

A. Tells of trial, mocking, death and resurrection.

B. Disciples did not understand.

C. Possibly thought He meant prepared to be King?

II. A Question About Position.

A. James and John wanted to be top two.

B. Jesus asked them if they really wanted to go through what He was going to go through.

C. Be careful what you ask for!

D. Hurt feelings.

III. Greatness by Serving.

A. Those thought to be rulers.

B. Domineering, abusive, power hungry, etc.

C. To be first - humble yourself!

D. Be like Jesus.


A. Why Did Jesus Come?

1. To fulfill God’s will.

2. To show God’s love.

3. To seek and save the lost.

4. To serve and give his life.

B. What does Jesus ask of us?

1. To follow His example.

2. To love.

3. To humble ourselves.