A. Song "I Surrender All."

1. We sing this.

2. Do we mean it?

B. Are we like the rich young ruler?

Body: Mark 10: 17 - 31

I. A Religious Person.

A. Chases after Jesus.

B. Recognizes Jesus as a Teacher of God

C. Kept the law - even from youth!

II. The Area of Lacking.

A. Jesus loved him.

1.    Was fond of, was well pleased, welcomed him.
2.    Tough love?

B. Sell everything and follow Me.

C. What are we willing to do for Jesus?

1. Willing to study and pray?
2. Willing to fellowship and visit?
3. Willing to give up everything and live in poverty?

D. Turned back in grief, mourning riches.

III. The Kingdom of Heaven.

A. Hard for the rich.

B. The rich who trust in their riches.

C. Their question belies a belief in necessity of money.

D. Man cannot save himself, that is job only God can do.

IV. The Winners are...

A. Those who put Christ first.

B. Their family grows a hundred fold.

C. They receive eternal life.


A. What is most important to you?

1. Would you be willing to sell everything and do like Mother Teresa?

2. Would you be willing to leave home and travel to a far country?

3. Would you be willing to die for your faith?

B. Jesus requires no less than what He has done!