A. Religious Leaders

1. Try to discredit Jesus.

2. Did not listen to message.

B. Christians

1. Sometimes get caught up in argument.

2. Miss the main point.

Body: Mark 10: 1 -16

I. A Question About Divorce

A. Is it lawful?

B. What is written C Deuteronomy 24: 1 - 4

1. No permitting legalized wife swapping.
2. Finds some uncleanness in her.

C. Permitted due to hardness of heart.

1. Pharaoh - would not yield to God.
2. Israel - would not follow God.
3. Hardness of heart - rough, violent, unlike God.

D. God’s view of marriage.

1. Taking of Eve from Adam is reversed by marriage.
2. Marriage is a gluing, binding or yoking together.
3. This binding is done by God.

E. With the disciples.

1. Divorcing and remarrying is breaking 7th command.
2. Emphasizing the gravity and importance of marriage.
3. Matthew 19 - indicates marriage was not a strictly observed vow.

II. The Little Children

A. Forgetful disciples.

B. Little Examples

1. Bring children to Jesus to be touched.
2. We are "children of God."
3. Receive the Kingdom like little children.


A. What is Most Important to Us?

1. Doing what God says?

2. Trusting Him?

3. Being His children?

B. How Are We Receiving His Kingdom?